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Hip Hop Dance Class

Stir Up The Gift Talent Org. Hip Hop Dancers are taught by "the best" of instructors!  Students learn not only various styles and techniques but they are have fun learning the latest dancers and more importantly original "choreo!" This makes showcases, competitions and other dance events more exciting when we share and showcase our dancers.  The youth and even adults of Hernando County and other surrounding areas love the energy, smiles and originality that Stir Up The Gift Hip Hop Dancers bring!


Acting Class

Stir Up The Gift acting students learn acting fundamentals and how best to communicate, not only with another actor, but more importantly with their audience. Students learn how to: comfortably introduce themselves; act while singing a song (a necessity for musicals); do simple choreography; maintain eye contact with their audience; and keep their specific roles exciting and interesting throughout a performance or production.

Stir Up The Gift classes and workshops are designed to enhance the creativity of the actor/actress. Students gain confidence as they learn and share roles. Stir Up The Gift acting instructors and coaches will provide lessons about auditioning and memorization, as well as techniques in the art of acting silly, serious, happy, angry, bitter, sweet, laughing and even crying.

Stir Up The Gift offers an opportunity for its acting students to perform in skits and play productions year round. Auditions will be held monthly and as specific roles are needed.


Group Vocals

Stir Up The Gift helps develop and enhance the vocal ability of singers. Stir Up The Gift vocal instructors and coaches work with singers to improve stage presence, vocal range, vocal control and technique, and most importantly, “singing out of the box.”

Singers are taught how to prepare for both auditions, and performances. No matter the genre of music, Stir Up The Gift vocal instructors and coaches provide lifetime performance tips (i.e., Microphone Technique; Vocal Warmups; Song Interpretation; Capturing An Audience,) and many, many others. In addition, Stir Up The Gift vocal instructors and coaches will provide students with song writing techniques, and even assist with ideas and arrangements of original songs.

The Stir Up The Gift classes and workshops offer students, not only the opportunity to meet other singers, but also collaborate with other singers, and learn and develop good habits needed when singing with a group, or going "solo." The Stir Up The Gift vocal instructors and coaches stress the importance of consistent rehearsal, warmups, and stage presence.

Stir Up The Gift provides services to "fully package" singers/artists. Press kits, complete with photos and CD demos. (Demos can be recorded at Stir Up The Gift  Recording Studio.


Modeling Workshop

Stir Up The Gift offers classes and workshops to those interested in pursuing a modeling career. Learn what it takes to be a professional model, and what type of modeling is for you. Photos Shoot/Comp Cards/Portfolios are must haves. Find out where to go and what to do with your beautiful self.


Camp Programs

With our Summer Dance Program, students can experience Stir Up The Gift Talent Org. exactly how they want. If at any point you decide you’d like to join a different program, give us a call or drop by our administration office.

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