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Stir Up The Gift is a 501c-3 non-profit organization made up of highly skilled and recognized individuals who are willing to stir up the gifts of others who are equally as talented, but whose talents are lying dormant because they don't know what to do with themselves, or how to market themselves.

Many gifts and talents are under-utilized or have gone unrecognized, but Stir Up The Gift provides a platform for gifts and talents to be discovered, stirred up, enhanced and displayed. With outstanding gifted and talented instructors and coaches, this organization is willing to lead the way for little in return. Not only do we provide a facility for our classes, but our instructors and coaches can provide private or group classes at your preferred church or facility.

Stir Up The Gift members meet other gifted and talented individuals during class hours, workshops, rehearsals and events. This type of platform provides them an opportunity to network with "like" others, and can even open other showcase, performance and job opportunities.

Stir Up The Gift showcases its members in live performances at events and around the Tampa Bay area. Participation in these showcases is not only an opportunity for our members to display their gifts and talents and what they have learned in our classes and workshops, but it also gives them the experience needed to move to the next level of professionalism.

So what sets Stir Up The Gift a part from other Dance, Modeling, Acting and other Performing Arts schools or organizations?  We do not spend 80% of our time in the Studio practicing for one or two showcases a year.  We give our students and members practice and experience in front of live audiences of all sizes, when they are ready.  Stir Up The Gift is known to be the Talent Organization that provides not just "ok" talent, but "exceptional" talent and entertainment for events all around the Hernando, Pasco counties and Tampa Bay area.  As a matter of fact, we are the ONLY organization in Hernando County that provides instruction and workshops  for singers, dancers, models, actors, artists and musicians under one roof, along with performance opportunities for all talented individuals. 

Stir Up The Gift talent has began competing in Competitions all around, and for every one thus far, we were announced "winners!"  We take pride in that, and remain proud of all of our students and members, and grateful to all who support Stir Up The Gift Talent Org.

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